Azzana is a consulting company specialised in Corporate Treasury and Transaction Banking.
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About Azzana

Treasury organisation and processes, systems, bank relationships, liquidity and
cash management, working capital management, risk management, funding.
Product management, project management, business analysis and client onboarding

About Azzana.

Azzana's expertise covers a wide range of a treasurer's responsibilities Azzana's experts are active in banks and large companies.
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Our vision

Azzana focuses on Transaction Banking and Corporate Treasury.

We specialise in this constantly evolving market, with a clear vision: to guide the banking industry in their Transaction Banking challenges and to assist (inter)nationally operating companies with their Corporate Treasury challenges. Our ambition is to stand out as a reference in this area, and we invest continuously to maintain this position.

Knowledge is one of our key values. The expertise of Azzana’s consultants is the result of an extensive training program, in both a national and international context. We gather knowledge, and share that knowledge. Amongst us and with all our clients.

Passion is our driving force. We truly love what we do. It motivates us to constantly improve ourselves and our community.

We work tailor-made, because every client has their own specific needs. There simply is no ‘one size fits all’ solution in our domain. So we won’t pretend to have one. At the start of every new relationship, Azzana listens. By listening, we try to find out what your real needs are. This approach builds the foundation of a long term relation. With our customers, partners and employees.

We follow-up. A long term relationship takes effort to build, and even more effort to maintain. And it is definitely worth the effort. Azzana wants to understand the history, to provide better future solutions. It is the true power of a long term relationship.

Payments, Cash Management and Corporate Treasury is what we excel at. It’s our motivation. It’s our driving force.


90% of our clients have contracted with us again after a first collaboration

Our team

Azzana was established in 2011. We are a relatively young company, but have many years of experience on board.

Our team consists of seasoned experts with a background in Payments, Cash Management and Corporate Treasury, who have been active at bank and at corporate side.

It’s these different experiences in a broad range of organisational contexts, each with their own challenges and rewards, that make our team so versatile. We know how banks operate, and we understand the needs of corporates. By bringing these two together, we can take them one step further.

We know how the banks work, and we understand the needs of the corporates. By combining these two competences, we can go one step further!

Raphaël François

Raphael FrançoisRaphaël worked as a consultant in the banking industry for several years. This included responsibilities in different areas such as payment product management, cash management marketing and bank-to-bank product offering. As a civil engineer in computer sciences with specialisation in artificial intelligence, Raphaël has a strong IT background that also served him in defining the banking industry architecture.

Michael Van Geertruy

Michael Van GeertruyMichael has a broad experience in the Payments and Cash Management domain, where he covered many roles in both a national and international context. His background as engineer has allowed him to cover different analyst roles, gain experience in business process management, and evolve into project and product management.

Lionel Vincke

Lionel VinckeBased in Paris, Lionel manages the French offices of Azzana, where he oversees both corporate and banking services. Before founding Azzana, he worked as a consultant for private companies and financial institutions where he successfully managed teams and projects. Lionel is a civil engineer and also holds a Master of science in management from ESSEC Grande Ecole (Paris) and an MBA from Nanyang Business School (Singapore).

Key figures.

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90% of our customers contracted again with Azzana after a first collaboration.


Azzana is present in Europe et en Asia


Our values.

Global Compact

Global CompactEn tant que signataire du Global Compact (Pacte mondial), Azzana s’engage à aligner ses opérations et ses stratégies sur dix principes universellement acceptés touchant les droits de l’homme, les normes du travail, l’environnement et la lutte contre la corruption. Adhérer au Pacte Mondial c’est partager la conviction que des pratiques commerciales fondées sur un certain nombre de principes universellement reconnus contribueront à l’émergence d’un marché mondial plus stable, plus équitable et plus ouvert et de sociétés prospères et dynamiques

Corporate Social Responsibility


En étant certifié par Ecovadis, Azzana démontre son engagement dans l’application du developpement durable en entreprise. La méthodologie Ecovadis repose sur les standards internationaux du développement durable, en particulier le Global Reporting Initiative, le Pacte Global des Nations Unies et la norme ISO 26000. Elle couvre 150 secteurs d’activité et 140 pays et elle repose sur 21 critères et 4 thèmes (Environnement, Conditions de travail équitables, Éthique des affaires, et Chaîne d’approvisionnement) :


  • Environnement (Consommation d’énergie & émissions de GES, Eau, Biodiversité, Pollutions Locales, Matières, produits chimiques & Déchets, Utilisation du Produit, Gaz de serre, Fin de Vie Produits, Santé / Sécurité des Consommateurs, Consommation durable)
  • Conditions de travail équitables (Santé & Sécurité des employés, Conditions de travail, Dialogue Social, Gestion des carrières & formation, Travail des Enfants & Travail forcé Discrimination Droits de l’Homme fondamentaux)
  • Chaîne d’approvisionnement (Performances environnementales, fournisseurs, Performances sociales, fournisseurs)
  • Éthique des affaires (Corruption & extorsion, Pratiques Anticoncurrentielles, Marketing responsable)

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