Azzana is a consulting company specialised in Corporate Treasury and Transaction Banking.
20 Rue Belliard, BRUSSELS
France : +33 (0) 1 44 65 33 84
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Mail : info@azzana.net

Azzana member of the European Payments Council

Azzana member of the European Payments Council

Azzana member of the European Payments Council Scheme Technical Forum

One of Azzana’s main priorities is to remain at the forefront of new evolutions in our domain. This is crucial in order to maintain the highest level of knowledge of our experts, who on their turn pass on this knowledge to our clients. It’s all about knowledge gathering and sharing, throughout our whole network.

Followup on regulatory changes is an important part of that exercise, because this impacts all our clients in multiple ways.

As of September 2015, the involvement in our domain has been taken to the next level, when Azzana was selected as member of the European Payments Council’s ‘Scheme Technical Forum’. We have gladly accepted this honour because it will allow us to actively participate in the future of the SCT and SDD schemes.

The ‘Scheme Technical Forum’ is a crucial part of the EPC’s new governance model, replacing the ‘Clearing and Settlement Forum’. It consist of representatives from SWIFT, most major CSM’s (Equens, Iberpay, EBA,….), members of the EPC Scheme Evolution and Maintenance Working Group, and a selection of representatives from major technical players, active in multiple SEPA countries, including Azzana.

This Scheme Technical Forum’s membership will put us in pole position to share our expertise on the field at the heart of the SEPA community, and will enable us to translate the needs of our clients into concrete SCT and SDD scheme evolutions, improving the community as a whole.