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Azzana is organising expert trainings on Transactions Banking and Corporate Treasury. These trainings are organised as dedicated events or provided internally in companies. They can be used off-the-shelf, or tailored to your specific needs!

Payment Foundation

Audience: 0 to 5 years of payment / cash management within a bank
Duration: 3h to 1 day

  • Introduction to the payments world
  • Understanding the Retail and Corporate payment
  • The organisation and architecture of banks for payment processing
  • Introduction to the main payment formats
  • What is a payment product and what are the payment product differantiators

International payments: The End-to-end view

Audience: 0 to 5 years of payment / cash management within a bank
Duration: 4h to 2 days

  • International payments concepts
  • Deep dive in the corporates’ international payments needs, pains and gains
  • Organisational setup of banks for international payment processing
  • International payments revenue models
  • International payments trends

SEPA in West Europe: implementation and local practices

Audience: >2 years of payment / cash management within a bank
Duration: 4h to 1 day

  • Overview of main SEPA schemes: SCT, SDD and SCTinstant
  • Local specifics per country
  • Remaining local payment instruments and formats
  • Countries in scope: BE, LU, NL, FR, DE, ES, PT, IT, AT, IE, UK

SEPA : from 2014 to today

Audience: >2 years of payment / cash management within a bank
Duration: 1 day

  • History of the SEPA regulation
  • Year by year overview of the evolution of the SCT and SDD schemes

PSD2: joining the open banking era

Audience: Payment business analyst, product managers
Duration: 4h to 1 day

  • Introduction to the PSD2 principles
  • Overview of the regulatory technical standard
  • Implications of the PSD2 for banks and fintechs
  • API and Open banking principles
  • Open banking trends

Blockchain: beyond the buzz

Audience: All types
Duration: 1 day

  • Network types
  • How the technology works, for non IT’ers (cryptography basics, user authentication,
    transaction validation, transaction sequencing,…)
  • The different types of DLT
  • The value propositions of DLT (decentralization, immutability, smart contracts,…)
  • The potential drawbacks of blockchain (AML/KYC, scaling, ecology,…)
  • A comparison of blockchain platforms (Ethereum, Fabric, Corda, …)
  • Blockchain applications, with examples
  • Legal & policy aspects of blockchain

A day in the life of a corporate

Audience: All types of profiles working within a bank
Duration: 4h to 2 days

  • Organisation of a corporate treasury department
  • Main activities performed by corporate treasurers
  • Main systems / technology used by corporate treasurers
  • Key hurdles and expectations towards the banks

SEPA Instant payments

Audience: Understand main payments concepts
Duration: 3h to 1 day

  • Overview of instant payment schemes throughout the world
  • Status of implementation of the SEPA instant scheme (SCTinst)
  • Description of the SEPA instant scheme
  • Overview of the main challenges for banks
  • Differentiating factors within banks’ offering and payment alternatives
  • Instant payments use-cases for retail and corporates
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