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Managing bank relationships

Managing bank relationships

Objectives of the project

One of our pan-European operating corporate clients wanted to centralise banking relationships at the group level.  This implied the rationalisation of the number of banking partners and accounts, and the re-negotiation of banking fees by concentrating the flows.


This corporate operates in 17 countries and benefited from an exponential external growth during the last 10 years. The acquisitions brought many new banking partnerships and created a very complex account landscape. The mission was very sensitive because a lot of banking partners also participated in the company’s financing.
The banking relationships were all managed in a decentralised way.

Our role

As a first step, Azzana created a clear banking cartography of the 17 countries in scope. Based on that information, we benchmarked the different service levels and product portfolio’s offered by the banks in order to create a shortlist for future partnerships.
In a next step, our experts defined the functional specifications of the RFP, and submitted it to the shortlisted banks. After detailed analysis of the replies, we consolidated the results and presented these to the Management Board.

Results & Added value

The consolidated account structure provided our client with access to an enhanced service quality, offered by the remaining banking partners, and provided a considerable cost reduction.
To be more preciese, the number of banking partners were halved, and the number of accounts decreased by more than 65%. A more targeted distribution of payment flows led to a 35% saving on banking fees.